Funeral costs are in the news

I noticed a few articles recently in the news on the subject of funeral costs.  (Probably there’s something a psychologist would have to say about what catches my attention.)  The articles are mostly about the higher-than-expected costs, and that many pre-payment schemes fail to cover everything that relatives expect.  A funeral is certainly not cheap, but I’ve made a page with a checklist of funeral costs, plus a few of my thoughts on which items might be most worthwhile.

Budget 2018

I’d been expecting some pension allowance changes or some other significant shift, but it didn’t happen.  I guess a couple of my spreadsheets could do with the personal tax allowances updating to £12,500 and £50,000, and the LTA increasing to £1,055,000 but for now no rush.

The nice thing about the “steady as we go” type of budget is that it doesn’t mess up my plans.

I found a couple of great sources for all the 2019-20 allowances:


Just finished a page on “balancing” investments every year.  I really should do this more, rather than trying to second-guess where to be overweight and underweight.  It should also free up time to live more life, rather than pore over investments.  Mind you, I do enjoy this stuff…..

Redundancy Chicken

Here’s a game that many people now play with their employer:  redundancy chicken.

Rather than wind down into retirement by reducing their weekly hours every so often, staff with long service hold onto their potential redundancy package by remaining working full-time until either they’re made redundant, or they quit with as little notice as their contract allows. Continue reading “Redundancy Chicken”

Inheritance Tax – is it actually unfair?

The papers seem to have been going on about IHT for the last couple of weeks. They were saying it was unfair, punishing prudent saving and good investment, hitting people when they’re down (literally), how it’s a recent tax, etc. etc..
I also listen to podcasts like MoneyBox and FT Money. I recall a mention or two there (on FT Money at least).
I think HMRC were seeking opinions. Continue reading “Inheritance Tax – is it actually unfair?”

Info loaded. What next?

So… I’ve loaded most of the pages of info.

I have a couple of pages still to tidy and add:
– Ideas of what to do 10 years before retirement, 3 years before, etc.
– My opinion of different types of investments (spoiler alert – the answer for me is mostly equity funds).

I’ll upload the Excel files for the images.

I think that’s the time to go more public.

And finally I need to work out how to use affiliate links, etc. and decide where to put them so they don’t mess up the readability. It would be nice if this website at least covered its costs.

First post (click to comment)

I discuss pensions, investing and other personal finance with friends and colleagues. “I might put this on a website,” I said to one. “You should!” she said. So here it is.

This blog is going to explain what I plan for the site, my thoughts on new legislation on personal tax and finance, and readers can comment on the site and can suggest future pages.

There are a number of more factual pages. On the whole, the pages look at personal finance from my angle and I hope that there’s value in that for you.

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