Here are some of my favourite links (and at the moment these are all direct links with no benefit for me if you click them):

Investment platforms:

Finding a comparison of platform charges which is updated regularly isn’t easy.  But it is easy enough to search for “SIPP charges comparison” of “ISA charges comparison” .  I recently found this one and a while ago there was this–whether-youre-investing-5000/

And then the platforms:   Hargreaves Lansdown is great for new investors, with a fairly understandable website, phone support, and low charges for small investors.  That has made them the UK’s #1 choice.  Some detailed parts of AJ Bell You-Invest might look complex if you’re not used to investing, but it’s Hargreaves Lansdown’s biggest rival, growing fast, and cheaper for investors as fund values start to rise.  IWeb and  Interactive Investor are two of the best for low charges when you have large funds invested.  Looking online I see some people have occasionally commented on payment delays or other issues.  Hard to say whether this is a significant problem and how that compares to others.

The structuring of platform fees can vary between these companies (and others) so check vs what you will actually do.  They usually have the same charges for each fund, but not always:  one might offer a little extra discount on a few funds.

Some high-street banks also offer investment platforms.  They recently started appearing on the comparison tables and look to be quite good value.  From what I’ve seen they usually have a good range of funds.

Some company DC pension providers can offer very good value.  My company uses a platform which is not available to individual investors, but it has zero platform charges and the downside is that the range of funds is very limited.

Financial info  Generally pretty sensible advice, very up to date.  I especially use it to know where to look for insurance, and some tax stuff amongst the forum contributions.

This is handy for tax allowances:


I’m tempted not to include this.  My wife claims I’m always saying, “Do you think we’re made of money?”  But here’s a few random sites that I’ve used for big spends and which can be bargains : and  are both simple to use, though for UK New Cars always start with the drop-down at the top of the home page.  UK New Cars has a much narrower range but what they offer seems unbeatably priced.  Both companies offer great new car prices and then they link you to a real main dealer who gives you that price, and once sure what you want your deposit is to the main dealer.  For me, this makes it much cheaper to buy than to have a company car, provided you keep the car for many years.  I’ve had 18% discount on one car and over 32% on another.  As Carwow asks for your email, you might prefer an anonymous site like   which has a pretty wide range of makes, though I’ve not used Autoebid.

If you like booking holidays in bits to save money,  is great for skiing or snowboarding.  Just tick the box to see accommodation that includes free lift passes.  Go for far bigger rooms than you need for not much more cost, unless you like sleeping on pull-out sofas etc..  The basic end of their range is really basic.